The best sustainable clothing brands 2021

Fast fashion is a business model that exploits people and planet. The process of making these clothes produces a toxic byproduct that is extremely harmful to our planet, especially the ocean environment. It is more vital than ever that we choose sustainable and ethical clothing brands to help prevent further damage. At Coral Eyewear, we’re hoping to raise awareness that practising sustainability no longer means having to change your lifestyle. We’ve picked out our favourite sustainable clothing brands in 2021 that, like us, have proved sustainability doesn’t require compromising on style.


Beulah London is a luxury womenswear brand that is on a mission to end modern-day slavery. They educate vulnerable women who have escaped slavery and trafficking on how to break the poverty cycle and support them with employment. A favourite of Kate Middleton, their brand has three core pillars: prosperity (empowering vulnerable women), people and planet. They have complete transparency of their supply chain, have an upcycling program, use digital printing, which reduces water waste by 90%, and all packaging is 100% recyclable.


Our big favourite is Away That Day, a swimwear brand that, like us, uses ECONYL. All their swimwear is made from this innovative material created from rescued fishing nets and recovered plastic. Their clothes come in a 100% organic cotton duster bag, and all labels are made from recycled materials. Their Sienna One Piece in red and our red Finback sunglasses are the perfect, sustainable beach pairing.

Mashu is the home of sustainable and luxurious handbags founded by the renowned designer Ioanna Topouzoglou. Like our sunglasses, Mashu handbags show that designer accessories can also be sustainable. Designed in London and crafted in Athens by expert artisans, these handbags created from vegan materials are the future of fashion. All products are 100% recyclable, and some are even biodegradable. By using materials like recycled polyester and plastic, Mashu has reduced its energy usage and CO2 emissions by 80%.