The sunglasses for Olympic sports 2021

Now that the Tokyo Olympics 2021 has started, you may have noticed athletes wearing sunglasses during their events. Bianca Walkden (pictured above), who recently won a bronze medal for Team GB, is wearing our Hector sunglasses in black. Sunglasses are a necessary staple of an athletes' outfit and require specific properties depending on the sport. We have included a list of our favourite Olympic sports and why sunglasses are so important.

Polarised-mirror lenses are vital for any event on the water. The light glare from water can reduce vision by compromising colour and depth perception. In competition, athletes have to be at their best and therefore require the best technology. Polarised-mirror sunglasses neutralise the effect of glare on vision. They are coated with a chemical film that prevents glare from hitting the eye directly. 

Cyclists need a high-performance pair of sunglasses. Polarised-mirror lenses provide an improved vision that is sharper and clearer than regular lenses. To further maximise performance, sunglasses need to be lightweight like our Alexander Sims Limited Edition. Designed in collaboration with Formula E driver Alexander Sims, these sunglasses are made for high-stakes competition.

In a sport that involves lots of sand in the air, large-framed sunglasses are a necessity. Sunglasses also need to be scratch-resistant to prevent impact on vision during competition. Vaquita Sun is a perfect fit for Volleyball, and they have UVA and UVB protective lenses to protect athletes from the damaging effects of the sun. 

Polarised-mirror protects runners from bright light and potential distraction. Runners need focus during competition, and these lenses ensure vision isn’t impaired by the sun. Like cyclists, track & field athletes also need lightweight frames to help maximise performance. Vaquita Polarised-Mirror has UV protection as standard. 

Tennis players like Janko Tipsarevic, Tommy Robredo, Arnaud Clement and Natasha Zvereva are well known for wearing sunglasses during a match. Playing in the sun can cause long-term damage to a player’s eyes due to eye stress caused by straining to see. UV damage can also permanently impact eyesight. Wearing sunglasses like Albacore Sun ensures that your eyes are protected throughout your game so you can keep on playing like the pros.