Best British beaches to visit this summer

Due to recent events, most of us are holidaying in the UK this year. Nevertheless, this has been a great excuse to become reacquainted with the beaches we have at home. There are more than 200 beaches in the UK, all with their own individual charm. We've put a list together of some of the best beaches in Britain - time to open your AirBNB App. 

  • Watergate Bay, Newquay (North Cornwall) 

  • Calling all surf enthusiasts, Watergate Bay is renowned for its enormous waves that come in from the Atlantic. Cornwall is the perfect weekend escape from city life. Family and dog friendly, this beach has stunning views of the cliffs and coastline. Top tip - the best sunglasses for surfing are polarised-mirror because they prevent glare. 

  • Pentle Bay, Tresco (Isles of Scilly) 

  • Found on the island of Tresco, Pentle Bay is world-famous for its beauty, even promoted in publications like the Wall Street Journal and the Telegraph. Pentle Bay has a gorgeous white-sand beach and tropical blue sea. Due to its location, the beach is often quiet, promising true tranquillity for any visitor.

  • Saunton Sands (North Devon) 

  • Another famous beach is Saunton Sands, where filming took place for Robbie Williams’s ‘Angels’ music video and filming for a scene from the new series of Netflix’s The Witcher in March 2021. It’s no wonder this beach is so popular with its golden sands and stunning coastline. The beach is also known for swimming and surfing, particularly longboard surfing. 

  • Compton Bay (Isle Of Wight) 

  • For those of you who wish they could go abroad, why not try Compton Bay in the Isle of Wight. Compton Bay is known for its remarkable landscape reminiscent of the beaches on the west coast of America. The views include sandstone and white chalk cliffs contrasted with stunning golden sands. Another favourite of surfers, this beach is perfect for enjoying the rolling waves. 

  • Sandssend (Yorkshire) 

  • Sandssend in North Yorkshire is a delightful beach surrounded by the storybook village of Sandsend. The beach has an abundance of rock pools at the bottom of the cliffs that are great for children. It has also been a site of historical artefacts, and you can still find fossils on the beach. Top tip - make sure to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.