HUNU are on a mission to prove that sustainable design doesn’t need to be complicated. Their cups are leakproof, BPA-free and collapse easily to fit in your pocket or bag. HUNU demonstrates that a business can be a force for good as they strive to replace disposable cups. We caught up with their team to find out more about their pocket-sized coffee cups. 



  • What inspired you to start Hunu?
    Hunu was founded from a personal need of Vince and myself. We both live busy city lives running from place to place. We started to become more aware of the impact we were having from the small things like grabbing coffees on the go. After reading a stat that over 165 million single use cups end up in landfill every single day, we went looking for a better solution. But we just couldn’t find a reusable cup that could easily slip into our lives so it would always be with us when needed. So that’s how Hunu was born. We wanted to create an easy practical solution to this big problem. A cup that you could literally slip into your pocket and rely on it being leak proof when you're done.
    • How do you source your products? 
        Our goal is to provide people with innovative products that make it easier to live sustainably. In order to do this we start right from the beginning. We begin with the problem that we are trying to solve (such as how we never seemed to have a reusable cup on us when we needed it) and then design and manufacture the solution from scratch.
        • Why should we all carry a Hunu cup? 
            Because Hunu is such an easy solution to a much bigger problem. It's estimated that 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day worldwide. For those takeaway drinks less than 1% of those single-use cups are ever recycled. This is due to their plastic lining making them very hard to recycle. You grab your keys, wallet, phone everytime you leave the house, why not your Hunu cup? Add it into your routine and it's super simple to always have a cup on you for when you need it next. 
            • You've just completed a Kickstarter campaign! What can people expect next from Hunu?
                We actually launched via Kickstarter in 2020 and this year ran a follow up campaign for our new range of cups. Kickstarter has been an amazing way to introduce our products to the world and we have grown rapidly since. We now have international stockists and have shipped cups to over 80 countries. Its been exciting for us to see how much people love the product and we have some very big things in the works for 2022. Long term our goal is to build Hunu not just be into an amazing range of products but into a brand and platform which has the power and relevance to both educate and empower significant positive change.
                • What other sustainable brands are you a fan of? 

                    There are so many great ones out there. We are big fans of I.AM Caps that make 100% compostable coffee alternative capsules for those pod machines. 'Stories Behind things' we are also big fans of here at Hunu. It is an online shop that curates a beautiful selection of sustainable brands. They provide you with all the information you need behind each brand and how they are doing their part to be better for the environment. Lastly there is a great womens swimwear brand called Stay Wild. They make swimwear of very high quality out of regenerated ocean plastic.  

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