Are you interested in sustainable merchandise for your business? Pinksheep is the industry leader that is helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. Recently featured in the Guardian, Pinksheep ensures that all merchandise is sustainably and ethically sourced. We reached out to Pinksheep to find out more about sustainable merchandise and effectively promoting your business. 

  • Why should all businesses use Pinksheep for their branded merchandise and printing? 

The reporting you get at Pinksheep on the product you buy is unique and no one else does it. Every product you buy from us is graded (red amber or green) according to 9 metrics of sustainability. The reporting we provide you with gives historic data so you can see how your buying habits are improving over time. You can track the impact you have on your live dashboard. How can you become more sustainable without data? You can't! None of our competitors can do this but we can supply all the same products they can. We reward you for buying more sustainably by issuing you 3 times more EcoTokens for buying fully sustainable items. Applying to join is simple, and it’s free. To find out more, read the Ora brochure

  • What advice would you give to someone trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle? 

Slowly, educate yourself and start by making a couple of simple changes. Don't try and change everything in your life all at once otherwise the changes will be too complex, too expensive and too confusing. As an individual, I’d suggest signing up to Ecologi. Their platform is fantastic, it’s informative and they are a not for profit organisation meaning the vast majority of your money goes towards environmental initiatives, not their back pockets. 

Think about the part of your life that has the most impact on the environment. For me it was my car, I changed from a juicy petrol car to a Tesla! An easy win as it was cheaper too. If you work at an office, get involved in their sustainability drive if they have one. The changes you can make here will be far greater than anything you can do as an individual. I don't believe in forcing people to live in a certain way. It should be their choice to become sustainable. Making a few easy changes will make you feel good and you will instinctively want to do more, without pressure from anyone. 

  • Which big news stories give you hope for the future? 

The transition to electric cars is for sure something I am inserted in and will have a big impact. Businesses are much much more likely to be improving their sustainability than even a few years back. It is on everyone's mind. That is positive. 

  • What other sustainable brands are you a fan of? 

We are a partner of Ocean Bottle. As a business, we love this product and the impact it is having. Pinksheep can brand Ocean bottles with companies logos on them, meaning brands can put their name to a product that is making a real positive difference. Tesla - love them and have one, its fantastic and make being sustainable much much more fun than you’d ever think! Ecologi - good guys, doing the right thing in the right way. 

If you’d like to find out more about Pinksheep, go to their website.