Winter Fashion Trends 2021-22

As Autumn brought autumnal colours and flared suits, this winter’s fashion trends are all about bright colours and stylish winter coats. We’d suggest adding a pair of sunglasses to your winter wardrobe. As weird as this sounds, protecting your eyes against UV light is still necessary for Autumn and Winter. Read our blog on the importance of wearing sunglasses even when it's overcast. Here’s our top picks on this year’s winter fashion trends.

  • Quilted Puffer Jackets

Quilted puffer jackets are available almost everywhere this season! However, we’re glad to see lots of brands are launching sustainable options. When shopping, look for jackets that are 100% recycled or from a sustainable brand. If you’re interested in sunglasses, why not combine your sustainable jacket with our Albacore Polarised Mirror sunglasses. Our polarised mirror lenses help to improve your vision in winter weather.

  • Bright Colours 

Bright colours were seen throughout the catwalk this season, with Versace’s bright yellow outfit being centre stage. It’s time to turn away from the autumnal colours of Autumn and bring some colour back to your wardrobe. Our sunglasses pairing for bright coloured outfits are Sei Brights in purple or fuchsia. The Brights collection launched early this year, and already many have sold out.

  • Knits 

Although knitwear is a winter staple, this year it's knitwear all over. Long winter dresses and matching knitwear outfits are this year's knitwear trends. We advise making sure your knitwear is from a sustainable source. Instead of going straight to your usual fashion brands, why not google sustainable fashion brands? To complement this season’s long silhouette look, we suggest our Vaquita Polarised Mirror sunglasses.