Corals: from North Pole to South Pole

Coral Eyewear has partnered with the Pole to Pole Expedition led by British adventurer and Guinness World Record holder Chris Ramsey. Starting in April 2023, Chris Ramsey is leading his team on an all-electric adventure and aiming set yet another world first. 

As part of our commitment, we are supplying each member of the expedition team with two models of Coral eyewear. One will be a lifestyle-orientated pair and the other will be a wraparound-style “Adventurer” pair for additional protection in the polar regions. 

What does the Pole to Pole Expedition involve?

Chris Ramsey: The expedition will cover some 17,000 miles across 14 countries and the entire length of the Americas using an all-electric car. It will be the first time that a vehicle of any type has driven from pole to pole - a worlds first.

Why are they driving all that way?

CR: The Pole to Pole Expedition is intended to raise awareness of climate change and the role that electric cars can play in reducing our carbon footprint. It will highlight the viability of contemporary electric vehicles by demonstrating their range and durability in some of the most adverse conditions imaginable. 

What are the risks to eye health during the expedition?

CR: Throughout the expedition our team will travel from the extreme cold of the North and South poles to hot and humid equatorial jungles. Over many months, the journey will expose us to very real extremes, from the reflectivity of snow and ice to summer temperatures of 40-45˚C and inhospitable ultraviolet radiation at the equator. 

How will Coral Eyewear help?

CR: Each member of our team will receive two pairs of Coral glasses, both featuring UVA and UVB filtration technology. With extensive exposure – both in terms of time and severity – to damaging UV, filtering this harmful radiation out before it enters the eye is critical to the team’s long-term eye health. The lenses will also be polarised, making the driving journey safer by reducing glare, improving colour perception and enhancing visual clarity in demanding conditions. I have already been trialling the frames we will wear and I love them. 

Why is Coral Eyewear the right partner for the  Pole to Pole Expedition?

CR: Finding sustainable solutions to ‘the everyday’ is at the heart of this expedition’s ethos.Coral’s focus on finding sustainable solutions to the eyewear industry’s challenges is really inspiring to me. Their sustainability mission aligns perfectly with our emphasis on new and sustainable solutions to minimise climate change and also demonstrates that there are cool, practical and affordable sustainable lifestyle products available today. It is fantastic to work with the next generation of innovators and a brand that not only embraces sustainability and the circular economy but will also keep us safe on and off the road throughout the expedition. It is wonderful to see Pole to Pole working as a platform to celebrate and bring attention to the next generation of sustainability-based entrepreneurs and extremely rewarding to know that such a simple little act as owning and using these sunglasses, is having a positive impact. 

Have you attempted anything similar before?

Absolutely, I have completed a number of adventures in electric vehicles over the last 10 years. The most notable of which being in 2017, when my wife Julie and I, became the first team ever to complete the Mongol Rally in an electric vehicle. We travelled over 10,000 miles through 20 counties in 56 days, with the route taking us from Goodwood Racing Circuit in the UK all the way to Siberia and Mongolia. I am also very proud to hold the Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled on an e-bike in 12 hours, covering 177.81 miles.

Where can I find out more about the Pole to Pole Expedition?

You can learn more here: 

Photography by: Jonathan Addie