Privacy Policy

Coral Eyewear Ltd is highly committed to the protection of your personal data. This page explains how we process your personal data and the protocols governing its use.

The purpose of this collection of data is to enable customers to participate in the Coral Eyewear and Williams Racing promotion to give them a chance to win the ‘Prizes’ outlined in the competition Terms & Conditions.

This data processing is in accordance with article 6 paragraph 1 of UK GDPR law. Coral Eyewear will not make use of your Personal Data for any reason other than set out in this Privacy Policy or the general Coral Eyewear website policy. You may update your consent settings at any time.

Third Parties

We may disclose your personal information to third parties such as our professional members, agencies and our internal and external marketing service providers.



We have to the best of our knowledge set up accurate and proper systems for processing this data and implemented measures to protect these systems from outside control or access.


You have the right to request information on this data processing at any time and this can be accessed by emailing