The unprecedented Pole to Pole Expedition, led by British adventurer and Guinness World Record holder Chris Ramsey, has officially partnered with Coral Eyewear for the team’s eye protection requirements. Starting in 2023, the Pole to Pole Expedition will cover some 17,000 miles across 14 countries and three continents using an all-electric car, making its way from the South Pole to the magnetic North Pole.

From the extreme cold of the poles to hot and humid equatorial jungles, the team’s journey through Antarctica, the Americas and the Arctic will be supported by highly-functional and sustainable sunglasses from Coral Eyewear. 

Designed in Britain and handcrafted in Italy, Coral Eyewear is retailed in recyclable packaging, offers impact-free delivery and our lenses are ‘infinitely’ recyclable. Together, these factors make us a global leader in sustainable sunglasses and the perfect eyewear partner for the Pole to Pole Expedition. Each member of the team will utilise two types of eyewear; one lifestyle-orientated pair and a wraparound-style pair for the polar regions.

Both pairs will feature Coral's outstanding polarisation and UV protection, providing the expedition team with glare reduction, improved colour perception and visual clarity in demanding conditions. From the extreme reflectivity of snow and ice to summer temperatures of 40-45 degrees C and inhospitable ultraviolet at the equator, Coral's UVA and UVB filtration will protect the team’s eye health throughout the 120-day journey.

The expedition is intended to raise awareness of climate change and the role that electric cars can play in reducing our carbon footprint. It will highlight the viability of contemporary electric vehicles by demonstrating their range and durability in some of the most adverse conditions imaginable.

Chris Ramsey walking through woodland in sunglasses

Chris Ramsey, Founder of Pole to Pole Expedition, said: “Finding sustainable solutions to everyday products, as well as our entire team using them as we travel,  ensures we as little trace as possible and is at the heart of the expedition’s ethos. Much like the role of electric vehicles in providing more sustainable personal transport, Coral Eyewear is using discarded materials to create more sustainable sunglasses, helping to clean up the planet in the process. It goes without saying that driving 17,000 miles in some truly extreme conditions requires excellent visual awareness and maintaining healthy eyes will be critical to the expedition’s success. It is fantastic to work with a brand that not only embraces sustainability and the circular economy but will also keep us safe on and off the road over our four-month journey.”

George Bailey, Founder of Coral Eyewear, said:

"We launched Coral Eyewear just over a year ago with a campaign entitled “It’s a Frame of Mind” which focused on the need to embrace sustainable technologies and expand their use by pushing the boundaries of renewable, recycled, and circular solutions. I’m delighted that Chris and his team will be wearing our eyewear on the upcoming expedition, as the distance covered and complex terrains navigated will showcase the longevity and high-performance nature of Electric Vehicles – a crucial tool in our battle against Climate Change. By wearing our sunglasses across the world, the team are also kindly providing us with an incredible opportunity to showcase the strength of our sunglasses and lens technology. Seeing our Adventurer sunglasses in locations such as Antartica and the incredible jungles in South America will be a proud moment for our small team and we'd like to thank Chris for believing in the brand's mission to protect our oceans."

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Photo credit: Jonathan Addie.


Watch the launch trailer: https://youtu.be/K_hburfCkec