Endangered Collection: The Finback

The Endangered Collection, launched in 2020, was inspired by endangered marine animals. Each frame, created from rescued fishing nets and recycled plastic, is named after a specific marine animal. 

The Finback is the cat eye design that was seen across digital runways in early 2021. This retro frame, defined by its slim silhouette and upswept edges, is here to add effortless style to your wardrobe.

Our Finback sunglasses are named after an endangered species of whale. Finback whales are endangered, with a population of only 50,000-90,000.

The Finback whale is the second largest mammal in the world. Whales are at the top of the food chain and are essential for maintaining the ocean environment. 

How can you help the Finback and other endangered animals? 

  1. Choose plastic-free alternatives - 17.6 billion pounds of plastic is leaked into our oceans from land every year. Choose products that are plastic-free or use recycled plastic.
  2. Avoid unsustainable brands - avoid products linked to harming endangered creatures. Try researching the products that you suspect may use unsustainable methods.
  3. Vote for representatives who support ocean policies - find out each representatives' policy on oceans issues and hold them accountable for putting these policies into place. 

We hope that by naming our frame after the Finback, we will raise awareness of their plight and the importance of practicing sustainability.