Coral Eyewear launch partnership with 2 Minute Foundation for Green Friday

Black Friday has been the biggest day in the retail calendar for many years. It's aim? Put simply, to support selling as many products as possible, with little regard for the mountains of waste created by fast-fashion.

As a brand actively trying to reverse “throwaway culture" by designing circularly; using non-virgin plastics and introducing our own recycling scheme, we feel strongly about the impact of Black Friday on our planet: which is why we're hoping to start a new conversation by making a big commitment...

This year, we're asking for your help to help turn Black Friday Green. Which is why throughout November, as well as continuing to use regenerated ocean waste, we will donate £10 for every product sold to support the brilliant #2MinuteBeachClean helping to keep our beaches clean. 

We are proud to be supporting their work this #GreenFriday and beyond, helping to clean up our planet while reducing the amount of waste we create. 

Support #GreenFriday and explore our range of Spectacles or Sunglasses.

Join the conversation and help us turn Black Friday Green.

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"Simple, achievable acts can add up to make a great difference." - Martin Dorey, Founder of the 2 Minute Foundation.

Securing charity status in January of this year, The 2 Minute Foundation started with the #2minutebeachclean campaign in 2013, after furious Atlantic storms battered the beaches of Cornwall. Now, besides the regular beach cleanings and social media campaigns, the movement has trash collecting stations in more than 800 beaches in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Greece. To be a part of it, subscribe here and discover how you could help in as little as 2 minutes.