Jubel Beer have pioneered a new style of beer that has already won UK County Winner in the World Beer Awards. They follow a sustainable ethos becoming certified carbon negative and dramatically reducing their plastic usage. We caught up with their Co-Founder and CEO, Jesse Wilson to find out more…

  • You’re a Country winner at the World Beer Awards. Where did the idea (for the beer) come from? I was in an après-ski bar called La Folie Douce and I came across something called Bière Pêche, which was a pint of lager with a peach top. Our group ended up drinking it all week and couldn't find anything similar back in the UK, so I decided I'd brew a lager cut with fresh peach extracts.
  • Are you missing the slopes or have you found hidden adventures here in the UK? I've certainly missed the slopes in the last couple of seasons! We launched in Cornwall and despite not having an Après Ski culture, there's a brilliant Après Sea culture which makes up for not being on the slopes.
  • You’ve recently switched from bottles to cans across your most popular beers. Why did you do this? We've actually switched from bottles to cans completely so we no longer produce any bottles. A case of cans weighs 40% less than a case of bottles, we can fit 30% more stock on a pallet, and the recyclability of cans is much greater than bottles. All in all they help us reduce our road miles and carbon emissions, and are a much more sustainable format for us to package our beer in.
  • Tell us about Jubel’s Carbon Negative status. How has that been achieved? We partnered with Carbon Footprint to assess our scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions, and invested in some verified carbon standard projects to double offset our carbon emissions to become a certified carbon negative business. It was a year in the making but we're really proud of that status because it holds us accountable for our footprint and is an environmental 'tax' we place on ourselves to help drive the right behaviours and decision making.
  • Aside from Jubel and Coral Eyewear (of course), what other sustainable brands are you a fan of? There are a lot of brands but I'll just pick one. Tony's Chocolonely are doing some amazing work to highlight the real issue of modern slavery in the chocolate industry and it's a brand I hugely admire because the importance of people in a sustainability strategy can often get overlooked, and Tony's put it right at the heart of their mission.

If you’d like to find out more about Jubel Beer, go to their website.