Launched by teenage entrepreneur George Bailey in 2020, we create stylish, sustainable eyewear.

Whilst studying at the University of East Anglia, George began researching sustainable materials, combining his passion for the environment, with his dad's experience in the optical market.

George's university quickly recognised the potential of the brand, invested in the business, and then introduced George to entrepreneur, philanthropist and TV personality, Jake Humphrey.

Jake was already supporting UEA students through his Scholarship scheme, and was immediately captivated by the Coral eyewear idea, becoming an investor, a creative driving force, and Coral Eyewear's first brand advocate.

"To meet global sustainability goals, we have to develop the circular economy. At Coral eyewear, we've found a solution which rescues and regenerates waste and, crucially, closes the loop with a frame recycling scheme. For me, knowing that the material has a history of its own only adds to the appeal of a product."

"The moment I met George, and heard his idea, I knew instantly that I wanted to be part of the revolution. Coral Eyewear has the opportunity to evolve how we see the eyewear landscape. The current industry is unsustainable, outdated, and thanks to Coral, it’s going to change."


Almost half of the UK needs glasses with a current total of 34 million eyewear prescriptions. The problem? An overwhelming majority of designers and eyewear brands create glasses and sunglasses from virgin plastic frames.

Our planet deserves better. So we decided to create our frames from waste plastics and abandoned fishing nets left at sea. Not only does this curb the need for new plastic but it actively benefits the world, too. In fact, World Animal Protection estimates just one abandoned net entangles 30-40 marine animals each year. With 600,000 tonnes of fishing gear found in our oceans, that’s a lot of plastic we can rescue and turn into our eco-friendly glasses.

Building on our team's collective passion for environmental causes and beautiful design, we're also developing a range of climate change scholarships to ensure that students around the world have the financial security to carry out planet-positive research.