Which sunglasses will suit me? Your sustainable style guide...

Before now, choosing sunglasses online has been stressful, unsuccessful and all too often wasteful.

At Coral Eyewear, we want to change that. So, we've installed a new try-on tool for you to try on any of our styles and colours online, without having to leave your sofa (or deckchair).

If you need some expert advice, Coral Eyewear co-founder Calvin has put together the ultimate sunglasses styling guide to let you in on over 30 years of eyewear experience... 

Rounder Faces 

Round faces have fewer defined angles and more visible curves. The perfect shape in this scenario will help bring out your jawline and angular features giving you a sharp, defined look. We’d recommend a rectangular or square design coupled with a unique flash of colour.

Our Top Pick: Hector 

Square faces

If you’re wondering which frames will suit a square face – one charectrised by a similar width and length across the face – then we’ve got just the advice for you. To keep your existing facial harmony, we’d recommend a round style which balances upper and lower eye depth.

Larger square faces should opt for The Albacore, whilst The Sei should be spot on for smaller square faces.

Top Pick: Sei

Oval Faces 

Oval faces are perhaps the luckiest of all of us; there’s not a frame in our collection that won’t suit. To show off your symmetrical, in-line features we’d go for a slightly smaller frame. Whether you’re looking for round (Sei), cat-eye (Finback), or Square (Hector), you’ve got a wealth of styles and colours to choose from.

Top Pick: Finback

Rectangular Faces

Rectangular faces are tall faces with little angle in the cheekbone. Oversized styles are a dream companion here and we’d recommend investing in a pair of our recycled Vaquitas or Albacores. The width and depth in these two lens shapes will add a beautiful silhouette to any oblong face and will be sure to capture attention.

Top Pick: Albacore

 Coral Eyewear Albacore Round Sunglasses