After being named “Best sustainable sunglasses” by Woman & Home Magazine, Coral Eyewear is now named “Best Polarised Sunglasses for Men ” by Men’s Health. 

Man stood on Ski mountain in red polarised sunglasses

An already successful year heralds Coral Eyewear as winners in both sustainability and style. The Vaquita Polarised-Mirror sunglasses were reviewed by Abigail Southern, Hearst’s Fashion E-commerce Editor and Ed Cooper, the Deputy Digital Editor at Men’s Health UK. 

Man stood on beach in blue polarised sunglasses

Southern and Cooper described Coral Eyewear as “the sustainable brand you need on your radar.” In a previous review by fashion expert Kraskowski, she described the brand similarly as “possibly the most planet-friendly around.” 

Southern and Cooper go on to say “This sleek Vaquita style is made entirely from recycled plastic and fitted with polarised-mirrored lenses, which help to enhance both sunny and cloudy conditions.”

Men's health magazine poster for best sunglasses 2022

The Vaquita Polarised-Mirror sunglasses have long been a bestseller. The frames are part of the Endangered Collection, which take their namesake from endangered marine animals. The Vaquita sunglasses are named after a species of porpoise that lives in the Northern Gulf of California in Mexico. They are the most endangered marine animal and are on the edge of extinction. Only ten remain in the world (maybe even 9). 

"Even the shipping is carbon neutral,” says Southern and Cooper, “for those extra eco brownie points.” To read the full article, click here.  

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