What are the benefits of polarised sunglasses?

Are you someone who seeks out adventure? Someone who spends most of their time outdoors? If this is the case, you most likely already use polarised sunglasses. 

Coral Eyewear Polarised Sunglasses neutralise the effect of glare on your vision. The light glare from water, snow or other surfaces can reduce vision by compromising colour and depth perception. 

The polarised lenses are coated with a chemical film that prevents glare from hitting the eye directly.

  • Reduced glare and reflection 

Polarised sunglasses are favoured by people who either work or spend time exposed to bright light. They are designed with the technology to reduce glare and reflection from surfaces. 

  •  Reduced eye stress (and headaches) 

By reducing glare, polarised lenses prevent eye stress as you no longer need to strain to see clearly. Furthermore, by preventing long-term stress on the eyes, headaches associated with eye strain are reduced. 

  • Improved contrast and clarity 

These special lenses provide an improved vision that is sharper and clearer than regular lenses. Polarised lenses were discovered by NASA scientists who studied the sharp vision of eagles. 

  • Improve colour perception

High-glare surfaces can distort your perception of colour. By neutralising the effect of glare, polarised lenses allow you to see colours with clarity. 

  • UV protection 

UV lenses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light exposure. Be careful, as not all sunglasses cover this.  With Coral Eyewear, we've got you covered against both UVA and UVB rays.

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