Sustainable Spotlight - Extreme E

We don’t usually associate sustainability with the motorcar industry; however, that is exactly what we are going to do in our new sustainable spotlight series. Introducing Extreme E, the racing series that uses electric SUVs and races in remote parts of the world impacted by climate change.

By holding their events in these locations, Extreme E raises awareness of the problems faced by different ecosystems. One vital issue they support is ocean conservation. The Ocean X Prix in Senegal saw the team working on several ‘legacy’ projects. Including beach clean-ups and the planting of one million mangroves to counteract rising sea levels. 

Coral Eyewear has partnered with Extreme E because of our aligning values. One of Extreme E’s missions is to shine a spotlight on the devastation caused by plastic waste at sea and also on land. For the Ocean X Prix, we supplied Extreme E’s team with our sustainable sunglasses, created from rescued fishing nets from oceans and plastic waste in landfills.

Extreme E believes in “sport for purpose” aiming to raise awareness of the climate crisis by exposing their fan base to these locations most impacted by climate change. To find out more about Extreme E and Coral Eyewear’s partnership, click here


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