Coral Eyewear

We keep it close to home:

Our glasses are designed by experts in London and Edinburgh, and made by a small team of artisans in Italy. We like to think we’ve fused the best of UK design with top Italian craftsmanship.

From Artist's sketch to your doorstep:

Your new glasses begin with hand-drawn sketches. We then create detailed digitised 3D models, which in turn become a handmade prototype. Then, it’s the injection moulding of zero waste material ECONYL, and the joints inserted by hand.

Fewer steps, lower impact: 

Our logo is added on the arms and we hand-file the frames for the perfect shape. The final frame is tumbled to ensure smoothness. We don’t add environmentally damaging lacquer, gloss or varnish

Impact-free delivery:

Glasses made, we protect them in our sustainable packaging (which is recyclable, naturally). Our impact-free delivery offsets environmental shipping costs too.


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